Our Vision

is to ensure access to the most powerful inspirational music in the world for today and future generations.  

Our Mission

is to build a community which passionately Supports the Process of Protecting, Preserving, Promoting & Providing over One Million digital songs.

And just like that…
Christian Music was nowhere to be found…

The Cultural Dilemma

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole Creation" - Mark 15:15

Social Media

Social Media Giants Increasingly Adversarial to Biblical Values!

Groups claim Tech Giants routinely censor conservative topics!
Are Christian artists and their songs next?

Subscribers Beware!

  • Although Christian Music is a small but important part of total Music Revenues, should a future decision to cancel Christian Music were to happen, it would not be substantial to overall profits.
  • Music libraries are no longer available when subscription fees are not paid.
  • Fees are subject to increases that can present challenges for individuals from losing their music.
  • Alternate no fee choices are Christian Life Radio.com, Cape Christian Radio.com and Beyond Country.com – all family-oriented Internet stations

Device Failures!

Music is being stored digitally without a plan for perseveration; placing it at an even higher risk of being lost than that on physical CDs and Vinyl.

Unplayable Media... Disc rot is real!

History Lost

Christian Music is Disappearing


Support the Process

PROTECT: Secure short- and long-term safe storage for physical and digital recordings.

PRESERVE:  Recordings backed up on Verbatim M DISC™ optical media, the new standard for digital archival storage. 

PROMOTE & PROVIDE:  Promote music through media collaboration & provide distribution of recordings approved by legal owners for Radio and royalty licensed Webcasters. 

Why Partner & Preserve Now?

  • Christian Songs from every genre and era have life-changing impact today!
  • Cultural & Social Media Values, Subscriptions, Device Failures, Deterioration, and History Lost are growing threats!
  • Christian Music is worth saving while we can!

We need Partners who share the vision to Preserve life-impacting Christian songs for Today and Future Generations!

Our Amazing Grace collection was on display in Washington, DC at the prestigious Museum of the Bible!  The project’s music formats are carried by Trans World Radio (TWR360.org) sharing the message of Christ through music impacting the world through our internet flagship radio stations, www.ChristianLifeRadio.com & www.CapeChristianRadio.com.

Nationally recognized partnerships already established!

One Time Gift

Monthly Recurring Gift