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Cape Christian Radio is changing how we stream our station to further improve the listening experience for you, our valued listener. If you listen to our station through a third party app or website, this transition may cause availability issues until they update to the new stream host. To avoid disruption please download our latest smartphone app or use the listen live link for our official player. These links can be found on the right hand side of this page on desktop PCs or at the bottom of this page on handheld devices. Please email us CapeChristianRadio@gmail.com if you experience any issues with our streams so we can work to resolve them. Thank you for being such an important part of our listening family.

Cape Christian Radio is a contemporary music format, part of "The Historic Preservation of Recorded Christian Music Project", a 501c3 not for profit ministry of Community Net Vision, Inc., located in the United States.  Our mission is to preserve and share wholesome Christian music while ministering to our listeners with short Bible readings and featured commentaries.

We pray on a daily basis for God's blessings and His provision for our ministry. Our immediate need is to raise support for an administrative secretary who will oversee the management of the music cataloging system, audio content digital input, responding to grant and donor needs, plus working with volunteers and better communicating with listeners from around the world.

Cape Christian Radio is currently celebrating 8 years of webcasting. As part of our celebration, we invite you to join us on our brand new Facebook page. While reading the daily Bible devotions on the Facebook page, please click the page "like" button to permanently connect with us during your Christian walk; plus you'll receive regular news and updates about Cape Christian Radio. It’s pretty simple to do, if you are already on Facebook, just type “Cape Christian Radio” in the Search box and then click directly to the page. Once you “like” us on Facebook, help spread the word about Cape Christian Radio by sharing us with your friends and family. Thank you for being part of our family at listener supported Cape Christian Radio!

Ron Maxwell

In 2005, Cape Christian Radio began as a ministry of Cape Christian Fellowship in Cape Coral, Florida, under the leadership of pastor Dennis Gingrich. Later, for a short time, the station became part of Kingdom-FM in Fort Myers, Florida and is now part of the Historic Preservation of Recorded Christian Music project through Community Net Vision, Inc., a not for profit 501c(3) ministry geographically located in the United States, but with an influence and listener base which uses the internet to transcend all borders.

Use the links above to discover more of our history, mission or about our Board of Directors. Or explore the greater site at large to learn of our other outreaches and goals. Please spend a few minutes to register with this site before joining us in the forums to chat or pray with us. Ultimately, keep us on the air and help us further spread the message of Christ and of the coming kingdom of God with a financial donation to expand our truly global ministry.

Ronald Maxwell: Ron serves as President and Program Director of our stations. With experience in Christian Broadcasting for nearly 3 decades, Ron has served as national music director and assistant program director for Moody Broadcasting, part of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Has also served on seminar planning committees for the Gospel Music Association's National Christian Radio Seminars in Nashville, Tennessee. He also serves as Morning Show Host and Program Director for Moody Radio Florida and is a documentary videographer and producer.

Kate Bruington: If you need great ideas, Kate is a creative thinker influenced by her extensive experience in the broadcast industry, beginning her media career as an ABC affiliate news anchor and now serving as co-host for Moody Radio Florida's New Day Florida. Kate is also a writer and has been working on writing a couple of books. Kate serves as our Treasurer of the Board.

Tony Cheng: Tony is a testimony of God's influence through Internet Radio. Tony discovered one of our Internet Radio Stations, Cape Christian Radio and became the station's first financial supporter. Originally from Canada, Tony is a technical guy specializing in networks and servers and now lives in California. Tony serves as VP of the Board of Directors.

Mayda Cruz-Maxwell: Mayda fell in love with our Internet Radio ministries in 2005. Since that time she has been involved in loading content and has jointly auditioned countless CD's helping us to add several hundreds of songs that now make up the music rotation libraries for all our stations as well as some future formats to come.

James Nuznoff: Jim has had an interest and in radio since the 1970s. Jim has been involved in various media businesses and has served on previous board of directors. Jim's compass always points to doing it right and it is a blessing to have Jim serve as Secretary of the Board. Originally from Michigan, Jim now lives in Ohio.

David Rigby: David is the senior pastor of Cape Coral Community Church, located in SW Florida. He has a background in radio from Canada, and totally understands marketing as has been involved in several Church fundraising building campaigns.

Phil Shappard: Phil is a broadcast technology leader, he is a fellow Christian broadcaster with decades of experience at many levels, and he has also served as assistant to the Vice President of Broadcasting at Moody Bible Institute of Chicago where he remains employed. Phil has a servant’s heart and has a passion to help others learn and grow in broadcasting. 

As a not-for-profit Christian centered organization Community Net Radio and the Historic Preservation of Recorded Christian Music relies solely on the charitable acts of our volunteer staff and listeners to meet our day to day needs.

Please join us in prayer to ask that the following needs be met. Also if you or your organization maybe be able to help us directly with any of the requirements or if you have some other skill you would be willing to share with us please drop us an email..

Volunteer Logo Designer needed to submit Logo design ideas for Music Worth Saving, Christian Life Radio and Cape Christian Radio. Submit designs, contact information, and place the word "logo" in the the subject line and submit ideas to: CommunityNetRadio@gmail.com

Donated Office and Storage Space needed for The Historic Preservation of Recorded Christian Music project in the Saint Petersburg-Tampa, Florida area. Contact Ron Maxwell at CommunityNetRadio@gmail.com

Grant Writers needed for The Historic Preservation of Recorded Christian Music project. If you are knowledgeable and experienced in this area, have a passion in preserving and sharing the music worth saving, and would be willing to donate your time in this area, contact CommunityNetRadio@gmail.com

Marketing and Promotions volunteers needed to help get the word out about The Historical Preservation of Recorded Christian Music Project and for Christian Life Radio and Cape Christian Radio, the stations that the music worth saving are shared through. Contact CommunityNetRadio@gmail.com

Christian Artist Interviews needed. If you have had the opportunity to interview Christian artists talking about why they wrote particular songs and would like to share these interviews, attach mp3 (highest quality) audio files and send to CommunityNetRadio@gmail.com. Be sure and place the word "Artist Interview" in the subject line.

There can be many reasons to contact our Christian centred music stations! Check out some examples below and then share your feedback with us via the form below. Don't forget to click the submit icon below the main message box.

  • Tell us about how our ministry has had a positive impact on your faith and life.
  • Write to us with suggestions or general feedback about our stations or website.
  • Experiencing technical issues? To best help resolve any issues, please provide your name, email, select the station you are listening to, and in the comments section, describe the issue in detail and let us know your country (and state, if inside the USA) you are listening from, the type of device you are using (if mobile device please specify brand and operation system), which app or website you listen to us through, which stream you are listening to (if known, example: 128kmp3 or 48kaac+) plus the date and time of the issue.

If you are enquiring about donating to the station, these donations can be made on-line through the Paypal links on this page, or they can be mailed to the address below. Don't forget to fill out the feedback form to tell us what inspired you to donate.

Community Net Vision, Inc., P.O. Box 86255, Saint Petersburg, FL 33738-6255

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